Bible Principles for Daily Living



As we go through our lives, there are some principles that will help us on our faith journey.


  • KNOW GOD. Daniel 11:32b “but the people who know their God will display strength and take action” (NASB). An intimate and genuine knowledge of God leads to an unshakable TRUST & CONFIDENCE in Him; that when we come up against life’s challenges and temptations, we are able to stand firm and obey. Often we become despondent with life and disappointed with God because we do not truly know who God is (Sovereign, Faithful, unchangeable etc.). A church sister of mine, when faced with sickness, instead of just moping around and giving up hope, displayed great strength when she said, “My God is bigger than that”. In that moment of potentially debilitating fear, she drew on her knowledge of her BIG God and instead of fear and dispair, she hoped. Let us endevour to truly get to know the God whom we have believed and be fully persuaded that He is able…God Bless you, have a great day and take time to KNOW GOD.


  • LOVE GOD: We are not only called to KNOW God but we are also called to LOVE GOD: “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might” (Deuteronomy 6:5). I have found in my own life that the more I grew in my love relationship with God, the easier it became to serve and obey. In John 14:5, Jesus suggests that His disciples love for Him is the motivation for keeping His commandments. That is not so hard to fathom. If we look at our own love relationships, when we love someone, it becomes easier for us to go the extra mile for them; to make the sacrifices. Do we go the extra mile when it comes to God? Do we obey easily? Do we really LOVE God (more than these)? Our love for God is reflected in the quality of our service and in our obedience. O, that the children of God will truly love him and that love be reflected so that the unbelievers will see our commitment/devotion and our faith will be a witness (because we practice what we preach). Will you let it begin with you?



  • REMEMBER GOD: Navigating our way through life can be a lot more meaningful and less frustrating if we: KNOW God; LOVE God and REMEMBER GOD. Humans so quickly forget. We forget the things God had done either when things are wonderful & we no longer need a favour from Him or we forget when things become terrible and then worry sets in. Moses admonished the Israelites, “TAKE CARE NOT TO FORGET THE LORD, WHO BROUGHT YOU OUT OF THE LAND OF EGYPT, THAT PLACE OF SLAVERY” (Deut 6:12). Remembering what God has done not only keeps us grateful; it helps us meet the vicissitudes of life with the full assurance that God has done it before, so he certainly can do it again. I have experience worry flee as I reminded myself of ALL that God had done before. Take a minute or two to look back over your life and REMEMBER the things that GOD has done and watch fear, worry and despair flee.