The psalm looks back to Israel’s deliverance from Egypt. This is one of the mighty feats of God, proving to all the world that He, The Lord, is God. Miriam broke out dancing and with song declared, “Who is like unto Thee, O Lord amongst gods?”

The personification of the hills and the waters with the exhortation of the earth to tremble before the Lord because of His might in commanding nature is a challenge for man to do the same. The enemies of Israel heard of the might of God and they trembled. Remember Rahab’s claim in the book of Joshua? This mighty act of God was passed on through generations. It was worth repeating.

Sometimes we are guilty of failing to tell of the excellent greatness of our God. We fail to share it with our children. And we fail to tell it to others. The might; the greatness, the love and kindness of our God are all worth telling but not only telling; they are worth repeating at every opportunity. Are you repeating?

  1. What has God done for you in the past?
  2. Have you ever told anyone about it?
  3. Are you gonna let nature tell of His greatness in your stead?
  4. Wouldn’t you like for others to hear and know of who God means to you and what He’s done?

By: Pastor Barry Hall

Senior Pastor (Ekklesia Bible Fellowship)

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